How do you advertise my property? Who pays the advertising costs? Within 30 days of the property being available for move in for new management agreements or once the 30-Day Notice to Vacate is delivered to our office, we begin marketing your property using the following venues:

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS): Over 5,000 local area realtors will be able to offer your property to their clients.
  • A search engine available to the public with up to the minute information, photos and descriptions of rentals in Hillsborough County.
  • Armed Forces Relocation Network for Military Personnel.
  • Property Signage: Our signs are professional in appearance and direct prospective tenants to our company website for additional information and photos.  We make sure they comply with the HOA guidelines where applicable.
  • CENTURY 21 Worldwide Marketing: Your property information will be available to anyone in the world looking to relocate to the area. 
  • Networking Sites: We take advantage of any and all free marketing available including: Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Postlets and more…
  • Local Newspapers & Magazines: Ongoing ads on Tampa Tribune, Brandon Real Estate Magazine, and The Flyer.
  • 24hr Service site with information ranging from current inventory, maintenance request, downloadable forms, applications, and much more…..

Coordinating and managing the advertising for your property is included in our leasing fee.                                                

How long will it take to rent my property?

It is impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to find qualified tenants for your property. A number of factors are involved: the size, location and overall condition of the property, the asking price relative to that of comparable properties in your neighborhood, and the time of year. Owners can usually expect to have tenants within 30 to 60 days. If a property does not rent within this length of time, it is generally a sign that it is overpriced relative to its size and condition. Pricing your property competitively and having your property in the best condition possible are crucial to effective marketing

What is your screening process for prospective applicants?

We are very thorough with our screening for prospective tenants. We encourage you to review our rental application, policies and procedures as provided to each prospective tenant.  Our professionally trained staff processes all applications in our office. We obtain a credit report for each applicant, order a criminal and eviction background search, contact current and previous landlords for rental references, and verify income and current employment.  Placing qualified residents in your property is one of our most important goals as your property management company.

Should I allow pets? Smokers? Children?

We work with each owner individually on the possibility of accepting pets. All our properties are considered non-smoking properties and we include this rule in every lease.  Families are a protected class and we do not discriminate based on family status, structure or size. We take pride in our knowledge and practices, abiding by all Federal, State and Local Fair Housing Laws. This helps protect our property owners against legal claims.

How much do you collect from the tenant prior to moving in?

When a tenant is approved, we require one month’s rent and a security deposit (typically an amount equal to one month rent). If pets are allowed, an additional fee of $300 per pet would be required at the time of move in. Pet fees are non-refundable and will be use as additional funds for repairs, pets control or carpet cleaning after lessees with pets vacate.

Who holds the security deposit?

For full service management contracts, Link Realty Property Management will hold all tenant security deposits in our non-interest bearing escrow account in accordance with the provisions of Florida Statues chapter 83. We offer this at no extra charge, and the benefits include convenience, reduced risk, audit protection, and escrow dispute arbitration.

In situations where we are only performing a Lease only/Finder’s Fee Agreement, our responsibility ends with the lease signing and it is up to you to hold escrow in accordance with the law.

How are utilities handled?

Tenants are responsible for all utility charges, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance and in writing. They must also change all billing information to their name and mailing address as of the move-in date stated on the Lease.

What happens when the tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

Rent is always due on the 1st of the month and tenants are given a five day grace period. Tenants receive reminder calls the morning of the 6th. On the 6th late fees apply, and the tenant is contacted again. On the 7th we serve the tenant with a three-day notice to pay rent or deliver possession, and they will be contacted by phone for a third time. In the event rent is still not paid by the end of the three day period, legal action will begin.


What happens if tenants break their lease?

When the tenant breaks his/her lease before the lease period is over, they are responsible for all expenses incurred to re-lease the property. The expenses include the rent amount for any months the unit is vacant up to the unit is rented or the expiration date of the lease whichever comes first, Property Management Fees for a new lease, all advertising costs, and any other costs directly relating to the re-leasing of the property.

What happens when there is a maintenance issue or repair that needs to be made?

We require non-emergency maintenance requests to be made by phone or in writing via either an email or online downloadable form on our web site. These requests will be closed out within three business days (subject to vendor availability). A quick response is the single most important issue to our tenants.  Link Realty Property Management will pay maintenance bills on your behalf if the cost is less than $500.00 by withholding the funds from your monthly disbursement. For repair costs above this threshold, the property owner will contacted by our office and will receive estimates from competing vendors, with the property owner choosing which to hire.  In order to protect our positive reputation with local vendors that keeps your costs low, in cases of late or non-payment by owners for the invoices of vendors, Link Realty Property Management reserves the right to redirect the monthly owner disbursements until the invoice is paid in full.

Who handles problems late at night?

We have a 24-hour dedicated phone number for emergencies. A staff member is "On Call" for emergencies, and when a call is received our phone system will page the designated staff member who will immediately make contact with the tenant. When a voice mail or email is received we will determine the severity of the problem and direct 24-hour emergency vendors to service the problem. The following business day we will notify you of the situation in case your insurance company needs to become involved.

We define an emergency as a fire, flood, or any dangerous or hazardous situation. Also, refrigeration issues and due to the summer climate broken air conditioning can be considered an emergency.

How often do we inspect property?

We WILL NOT renew a lease agreement without conducting an interior care and maintenance walk-thru every year.  Tenants are fully informed of this policy before entering into our lease agreement. Seven day notices of non-compliance will be issued on the spot if we discover damages beyond normal wear and tear. Failure to correct minor damages within the seven days is grounds for eviction. Serious damages will be corrected by us at the tenant's expense. Because we make it clear to tenants that we expect the homes to be properly cared for, and because they know Link Realty Property Management will follow-up to ensure compliance, we have far fewer incidents of damage to our properties.  Our inspections also help maintain the condition and value of your property and prevent further loss by looking for and taking care of routine maintenance issues.

When can we expect monthly rents?

Owner’s payment will be processed from the 6th to the 12th of the month or within 48 hours of collection in situations where the rent is late beyond this date.   Typically legal proceedings will have begun by this time, but we understand that occasionally bad things happen to good people, and sometimes the tenant is given an extension that is first approved by the owner.  In the event payment has not been received due to US Postal delay or lost to no fault of Link Realty Property Management, Owners might incur additional fees including but not limited to Bank Stop Payment Fees, Express Mail Delivery and/or Overnight Delivery. 

Can we walk through the home when we're in the area and meet the tenants?

Our company policy does not allow this if the property is occupied. Owner visits can be awkward and uncomfortable for the tenants, who have the right to quiet enjoyment of the property. Furthermore, without proper notification this can also be in violation of the Landlord-Tenant Act.  As your intermediary, let the property manager serve as the one point of contact with the tenant (which increases their comfort level and builds a positive relationship), and feel secure in the knowledge that our interactions with the tenants always comply with state laws. Remember that our managers are frequently in the area of their properties and will notice an exterior anomaly, as well as conduct annual interior walk-thru inspections.  We will also inspect the home if a HOA violation is received and the tenant is notified in writing to insure the issue was resolved. 

Who pays for HOA and maintenance fees? Lawn? Pool?

The home owner always pays for the Home Owner's Association dues and Condominium maintenance fees.

We strongly recommend that lawn care be provided by the owner, as most tenants do not own a lawnmower and typically won't maintain the yard to our standards. A strong curb appeal equates to higher demand for your property and consequently, higher rent prices.  We do not allow the tenant to be responsible for pool maintenance, as this can lead to very costly damage if not done correctly. It is imperative that pool maintenance be conducted by a licensed and insured professional.

Will I need to change my insurance coverage?

We advise all of our property owners to consult directly with their insurance agent to be certain they are carrying adequate insurance for their property needs. We also require Link Realty Property Management, LLC to be named as additionally insured. This is typically done with a simple phone call to your insurance agent and should not cost anything. Once the change is made, you should be mailed or faxed a revised copy of your insurance policy. We require a copy of the revised “DEC” page as proof of insurance to be on record in our office for all properties we manage. We recommend to your tenants during the move in process that they obtain renter’s insurance. It is also noted in their lease that the owner’s insurance does not cover the tenant’s personal contents or any loss they might have during their tenancy.

We look forward to working with you and managing your property. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries.  Thank you.