Please call 813.684-0036 ext. 250 or email: in case of emergency.
Emergency is defined as: Anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health or the integrity of the property.  If you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact our office and leave a detail message including your name, number, property address and nature of the emergency and we will return your call immediately.  Please use 911, Fire or Police as necessary based on your emergency.

Your Name:   Today's Date: Time: am pm  


Contact Information:



Entering the Property:

Does work require us to enter property?     Yes

If yes, can we enter the property using our key?  Yes    No

If yes, please let us know what day and time we may enter:

Alarm:  Yes    No        Animals:  Yes     No    

Previously Reported:  Yes    No 

When did the problem start? 

Please explained the problem and please include details like model numbers and serial numbers for appliances, Air Conditioning, Garage Door Openers.
Also please email photos if possible to

REMINDER: Residents are fully responsible to maintain and repair the following items at the residents expense unless otherwise specified
on you lease agreement:  A/C Filters, A/C Drain Line Clogs, Pest Extermination, Lawn & Shrubbery, Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs (if any), Water Conditioners, Plumbing (sinks & toilets), Smoke Detectors, Locks, Window Locks and Glass Breakage (unless not caused by tenants)

Thank you.
Link Realty, Inc.
Property Management